April 10 & 11 2020 - mt. hope event center - Mt. Hope, Ohio

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what is the storyimpact conference?

StoryImpact is a Community wide Conference focused on storytelling.  Hosted by Choice Books and Sue Thomas Ministries, our lineup of Storytellers will share faith stories that will inspire hearts, bring tears and laughter, and encourage wholesome response in those that attend. Our goal and objective is to connect attendees to the power of their own story.

who is this conference for?


No matter who you are, you are invited to come!


Come and enjoy interesting stories.


See the power of your own story.


IMPORTANT: Please register so we can plan for seating and food preparation. StoryImpact has FREE ADMISSION, but is a fundraising event for Choice Books of Great Lakes and Sue Thomas Ministries. There will be opportunities to give during the event.

conference schedule

friday - 4/10

6:00pm - 9:30pm

John schmid

Sue Thomas

David Ring

saturday - 4/11

9:30am - 7:30pm

Marcus Yoder - The Anabaptist Story

Ken Gonyer - How to tell your own story

12:30pm - Concession Lunch At Event Center

Food Trucks Available Outside

Leroy Hershberger

The Choice Books Story

Sue Thomas

4:30pm - Mrs Yoders Catered meal

Registration Required

Suggested $20 Donation

Food trucks available outside

5:30Pm - Steve and annie chapman

who is storyimpact?

Everyone has a story to tell! Hosted by Choice Books and Sue Thomas Ministries, our Purpose is… “To harness the power of Storytelling to connect Churches, Families, Businesses and Individuals for the purpose of sharing resources in order to build the Kingdom of God.”

Telling Stories…Sharing Resources…Building the Kingdom

hosted by

Choice Books of Great Lakes is a 501c3 Registered Non-Profit Regional Distributor of Choice Books. At the National level, Choice Books sells over 5.1 million books annually. The Organization purchases books from over 70 publishers and sells them from more than 11,350 displays in retail locations scattered across the continental United States and Hawaii. With state-of-the-art technology and a staff of more than 250 people, the Organization now services some of the largest retailers in North America.

Someone’s son, daughter, brother or mother needs a word of encouragement and a touch of compassion. We are a non-profit organization that aims to improve peoples lives through Christ. Help us reach a life today!

What is our vision? - To provide inspiring and wholesome reading material for shoppers across the United States.


If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor of StoryImpact, please contact us by  phone at 330-403-9002, or by email at info@storyimpactconference.com

guest speakers

David Ring

David Ring Ministries

You’ve never heard a speaker quite like David Ring. Although difficult to understand at first, you will
soon find yourself captured by his quick wit and warm personality. As you hear David Ring, you will
laugh…and cry. You will be amazed at his triumph over odds and will be moved to consider your own
life. As one who has not been stifled by his physical limitations, he clearly stakes his challenge to
everyone. “I have Cerebral Palsy – What’s your problem?”

As a nationally known speaker since 1973, David shares his story widely each year at churches,
conventions, schools and corporate events. He has been featured on numerous occasions on several
nationally televised programs. David Ring - White Chair Film - I Am Second

Steve and Annie Chapman

Award Winning Musicians

Steve and Annie are musicians who take their message of Christ centered family to fans all over North America. Steve’s enthusiasm for Jesus, family, hunting, and humor shine in his books, including Hot Topics for Couples and A Look at Life from a Deer Stand.

Sue Thomas

Sue Thomas Ministries

Sue has spoken all over the world and is a woman of tremendous faith and delights in encouraging people through her testimony of the grace of God as she deals with deafness and multiple sclerosis. She received her BS degree before doing post-graduate work in counseling at Case Western Reserve and Columbia Bible College and Seminary. The inspiration behind the
award winning family TV series, SUE THOMAS: FBEye,‎ she has not only captured the hearts of
millions of Americans,  but her name is known in 64 nations around the world where the TV
show has been aired.

John Schmid

Common Ground Ministries

Founder of Common Ground Ministries and travels extensively, singing and preaching in more than 50 prisons a year. John has produced 24 albums and holds a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Marcus Yoder

Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center

Marcus is the Executive Director of the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center near Berlin, Ohio. He is active in preaching, teaching, and writing in the Mennonite Church. In 2010, Marcus graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in history from Ohio State University and, in 2015, acquired a Master's Degree in the History of Christianity from Yale University.

Ken Gonyer

Choice Books CEO

Ken Gonyer of Broadway, Virginia, is the CEO of Choice Books, a national distributor of inspirational reading material. He and his wife Karen are authors of two books: How Do I Stop Stressing About Money? and The Good Life: Finding Joy, Peace, and Simplicity in a Stressed-Out World. Ken studied at James Madison University and Liberty University. A member of Toastmasters International since 2007, Ken’s experience as a public speaker has taught him the value of storytelling as an integral part of effective communication.

Leroy Hershberger


LeRoy Hershberger got his start in storytelling by entertaining his nieces and nephews.  He tells
stories of growing up Amish, from nature, folk-lore and sacred wisdom.  Leroy grew up in
Wisconsin and has lived in Reno County Kansas since 1984.  He has a degree in English from
Yale University, repairs farm machinery, teaches High School shop class, likes to travel and
loves snowboarding.  His most formative adult adventure was a year spent with the MCC
trainee program working on small dairy farms in Switzerland and Southern Germany.  Leroy
believes that storytelling not only delights but also enlightens and heals.  Storytelling is a
distinctly human characteristic & everyone should do it.

contact us





(330) 403-9002

mailing address

po box 210
kidron, oh 44636


mt. hope event center 

8076 oh-241

millersburg, oh 44654


day 1 -  4/10

John Schmid

Sue Thomas

David Ring

day 2 -  4/11

Marcus Yoder

Ken Gonyer

Leroy Hershberger

The Choice Books Story

Sue Thomas

Steve and Annie Chapman


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